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Ritalin: how a hard drug became normal for students

Ritalin, Modafinil UK

Students who want to concentrate better while studying, are increasingly looking for the solution in a pill: Ritalin. People with ADHD and a doctor’s prescription often help their fellow students to a comic. Online you buy a strip of pills for a few euros, per pill you are guaranteed to stay tight for four hours. The fact that it is hard drugs with strong side effects does not seem to harm the users. ‘Everyone finds Ritalin use perfectly normal’. Ritalin, modafinil uk

‘Ritalin is ideal if you have to write a long piece. You can hold your focus much longer. Sometimes I really feel like I’m thinking on the screen, rather than in my head. As if I were a bit in my pocket. But I would not take it if you really had to pick up dust. I have sometimes made complicated assignments while I was on the Ritalin. When I looked into my notebook the day after, I thought, “What the fuck is this?” I almost did not remember what I had written down. ”

The following is the HvA student Bram. He has ADHD and uses Ritalin when he really needs to study, one pill every four hours. He lives in the former ACTA building, a cozy, somewhat sleazy student apartment in Slotervaart, where he also sells it to others; five pills for five euros. ‘I get a prescription from the doctor, that is almost all reimbursed,’ says Bram. ‘But I also arrange it for sale via. Recently I was told that someone wanted to lose a thousand. Then I am the first to buy them. Or I buy them from friends from my old village. They can also get it from the doctor, but nobody uses it in that small village. When my supply is almost finished, I order it from my friends and then I take it to Amsterdam. In the past five months, I have sold a thousand pills in the flat and via Facebook pages and made about 200 to 250 pounds per month profit. Still nice. ” Ritalin, modafinil uk

‘I think the highlight was at my thesis presentation when I was very broke. I had to be the first to present at nine o’clock, while I had been out until five o’clock “

Party drug

UvA student Maud is one of the students who buy Ritalin from someone else: ‘During my bachelor’s degree, I sometimes used to learn for an exam. Then I was nicely focused. When I started writing my thesis, I used it more often. It is especially chill when you are broke. Then you take a Ritalin and then you can again. The highlight was, I think, at my thesis presentation, when I was very broke. I had to be the first to present at nine o’clock, while I had been out until five o’clock. What my thesis was about? ADHD and ritual use. The presentation went well. ”

When we ask people about ritual users, it quickly becomes clear that students do not really care.

A selection of the responses: ‘Are you looking for a Ritalin?

Just order it online. “Look on dark web. “Do not people just get this from friends with an ADHD diagnosis?

“In addition, Ritalin is not only used behind the desks but also at parties and festivals. ‘I used it regularly at parties as a safe party drug to get sharper,’ says UvA student Tiemen. “I sniffed it. You get more energy, can drink more, become more talkative. If you are single, it works wonders for your smooth chat. Speed is often too intense; then you go over the top in terms of energy. After that you can often not sleep. This is not the case with ritalin, which is a kind of speed light. ‘ Ritalin, modafinil uk

‘Everyone finds ritual use quite normal,’ says student Sander. Like Bram, he lives in the former Acta building. Social cohesion is great in this student island in this suburb, the residents live in corridors of ten to twenty people and often meet on the floor. On the facebook page of the flat is often asked for ritalin. Luc bought something in the flat. ‘I do not have ADHD, but I’m pretty easily distracted from myself. In my first year at the AUAS, I took it to learn for each exam. If I had an exam on Monday, I took it Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Usually five pills in three days. But the effect decreased after a while. Now I do not do it anymore. You become rather grumpy when it is worked out. “He laughs. ‘Once I went so hard that I could not learn. Then I should not have taken two. “Luc says he sees a lot of ritual use in his surroundings. ‘At the AUAS, I certainly see many people who use it.’


A medicine that is used as a study and as a party drug, and that by people without an ADHD statement. That should almost be a miracle cure. We visit assistant professor Hyke Tamminga, who received her doctorate on, among others, ADHD and Ritalin. She tells us that Ritalin is a stimulant that prolongs the action of the substance dopamine. Because people with ADHD would have a dopamine deficiency, the pills are prescribed to them. “But that dopamine shortage is only a theory,” says Tamminga, “it is mainly prescribed because it has been effective in practice.” She points out that Ritalin is not a panacea for treatment. ‘For thirty percent of people with ADHD, for example, it is insufficient or the side effects are a reason for a different treatment.’ Ritalin, modafinil uk

Sander seems to hear that thirty percent. “It’s overrated, I do not notice it,” he says. ‘I have ADHD and I have received a doctor’s Ritalin, but now I am still using seventy of those pills, which I sell to my housemates. I get a little out of my health care costs. But I want to get rid of it, selling Ritalin is a lot of things. All those messages, make appointments, find holes in your agenda. And everyone always wants a few pills. “At Sander, you also buy a strip of five to five euros. At HvA student Martijn, also ADHD, Ritalin did work: “I could concentrate longer, learn better, focus more focused, but I was suffering from unpleasant side effects.” Martijn says he got palpitations through the Ritalin while he was sitting quietly, and lost his sense of hunger. In addition, he got a lot of cravings for smoking and the medication disturbed his sleep rhythm. “In the end, I was cut down with it.”

Modafinil UK

But yes, if a medicine ensures that you can just study after a night of drinking, it is not surprising that it is popular with students. And if something is wanted, money is in it. Maud: ‘A good friend of mine acted in it, so when I was with him, I always had it at hand. Everyone knew you should be with him. People came to him on the sons, at his home or just in the UB. He earned four hundred euros a month with it. ” Ritalin, modafinil uk

‘I used modafinil every day for three weeks during the last semester. With Ritalin, you are a little less yourself and you have a bit of the side effects that you also have at ecstasy ‘
Also, ritalin is not the only stimulant that is used to study. Modafinil (a remedy for the sleep disorder narcolepsy) and dexamphetamine (a variant of Ritalin) are the latest study drugs. Maud: ‘Modafinil improves attention and prevents sleep attacks. I used it every day for three weeks during the last semester. With Ritalin, you are a little less yourself and you have a little bit of the side effects that you also have at ecstasy. You have a dry mouth, a higher heart rate, you are hyper-focused and you have no other thoughts in your head. If you go to the bathroom, you can only focus on that. You do not have that with Modafinil. You just feel very fresh, like you are completely exhausted. You take a pill in the morning and start studying. You feel very clear and awake because you simply can not fall asleep. I sat seven days a week from 9 to 5 at the University Library, for three weeks, together with my housemate. When I came home in the evening, I was not tired yet and I went to drink with my housemates. Then I woke up very tired the next morning, I took a pill and so we went on for three weeks. When that period was over we were both so tired. She really got a dip. I completed my Master’s courses with a 5.5 for each essay, but without that, I would not have made it. ” Ritalin, modafinil uk

Prefer coffee

‘I mainly did Ritalin to get my subjects, but also because I do a lot next to them,’ says Maud. ‘I was a member of an association two years ago, now I do cross fitting every day and work thirty hours a week. And at that time I also thought it was important to go out a lot. If I were to study alone, I could have done that without all that stuff. But I now feel better than when I did it that much. More in control. “Tamminga:” We know that Ritalin and similar drugs can also have positive effects in people without ADHD. As far as study materials are concerned, coffee is a safer – and legal – alternative. It also applies that you have to plan well, and follow a course that you have inner motivation for. If that is all the case and a student still runs against his limits, something can be wrong. For example, expectations are too high or there may be ADHD. A diagnostic procedure at a specialist institution can then be considered. However, the use of non-prescribed ADHD drugs is associated with risks. Moreover, I think that temporarily better performance is not a solution for the experienced pressure, but rather creates a vicious circle between expectation patterns and substance use. “And although Ritalin only has a small chance of addiction when used correctly, high doses and sniffing increase in potential.

Sander is not the only one who does not like Ritalin. We do meet more students who do not like the drug: ‘What nonsense, just go to normal. I do not think that’s good for you. “And although everyone talks rather casually about the use, none of the people questioned would like to have their real name in this article. They all indicate that their colleagues and family do not need to know about this use of rides, also because stories of other drugs often come to the table. Maud: ‘I think many people use it, but not everybody wants to say it. My pills were just next to my laptop in the University Library. “But Maud also has a different name in real life. Ritalin, modafinil uk

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