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“Smart Drugs”. What does Modafinil in the brain really make you smarter?

Imagine a pill that can make you smarter, increase your IQ, and let you learn faster and faster. No, that does not exist yet. Modafinil, known as the “Intelligence Drug” does not do any of this, it just leaves the subject more awake and can increase concentration and eventually even learning, but in the short term. Modafinil side effects, buy modafinil

The substance that received this nickname is Modafinil, and its clinical use is not related at all with such gain of intelligence. Modafinil was developed for the treatment of patients suffering from narcolepsy, which is a disease commonly called “sleep disorder” – when they have such a picture, people are affected by spontaneous episodes of sleepiness, and simply sleep, nothing more. Modafinil side effects, buy modafinil

“Modafinil attacks sleep, regulates the sleep-wake cycle

It is indicated exclusively for cases of narcolepsy and has an important function in its treatment “, explains the psychiatrist Mario Louzã, specialized in mental health. “There is a problem when there is inappropriate use of the drug,” he countered. Modafinil side effects, buy modafinil

Smart Drugs: what does Modafinil do?

Modafinil was developed to stop the sleep-wake cycles of narcolepsy patients. The disease does not have its mechanisms completely understood by the scientists, but it is known that the nucleus of its action is in the cerebral center, that is the regulating region of the sleep. And that’s where Modafinil works.

Modafinil works by acting on neurotransmitters relative to alertness and sleep, Modafinil UK increases the concentration of dopamine, norepinephrine, acetylcholine and serotonin. Modafinil side effects, buy modafinil

When Buy Modafinil has high amounts in the brain, there is a decrease in the need for sleep and an increase in the ability to concentrate. It is very common that there is interference in the psychological state, with episodes of mental excitation. Modafinil side effects, buy modafinil

What does science say about the Buy Modafinil?

The largest ever research on Modafinil UK was published in 2015 in the journal European Neuropsychopharmacology. We analyzed studies produced between 1990 and 2014 on the effects of the drug, which is approved by the US health agency

“Modafinil directly increases levels of cortical catecholamines, indirectly increases brain serotonin, glutamate, orexin and histamine levels and indirectly decreases brain levels of gamma-amino butyric acid,” states the article’s text regarding its biochemical action . “In addition to its approved use, treating excessive drowsiness, it is thought that modafinil is largely discarded for cognitive enhancement,” he says. Modafinil side effects, buy modafinil

The survey states that approximately half of the tests have shown some degree of improvement in attention, learning and memory, and some of them even report shortcomings in the development of creative and critical thinking. However, in tests with more complexity of information, it was found improvement of attention and learning consistent, but in relation to the use in the short term.

Modafinil side effects

There is no evidence of direct side effects caused by the remedy. “Importantly, we do not look at preponderance for side effects or mood swings,” the study says. Modafinil side effects, buy modafinil

On the other hand, there are problems in the continuous use of the medicine when not recommended by doctors. If modafinil helps regulate sleep for those who have problems, it alters the sleep of healthy people who ingest the substance for days on end. On the limit, the drug of intelligence not only does not help to learn, but also disrupts the income.

“The medicine takes sleep time and the individual should put it back, because the brain needs rest and reorganizes memory and fixes them. Lack of sleep impairs concentration, generates fatigue and drowsiness. In this sense, it is no use to study 24 hours because the brain will not have adequate income, “explains Mario Louzã.

Modafinil side effects, buy modafinil. In addition, it is not a dangerous remedy. There is no record of major complications resulting from its misuse.

Placebo effect

When taking the drug, it is common that there is an immediate gain of confidence. There are two whys: one of them is the action of the substance in the neurotransmitters and another is the placebo effect itself – the subject actually believes that he is already smarter. Modafinil side effects, buy modafinil

The psychiatrist explains that as modafinil takes away sleep and the feeling of tiredness, when the person gets more awake she stretches her time of study, research or work. This prospect of increased income gives the feeling of gaining intelligence.

Modafinil at most stretches your performance time. If you are in your 100% of income, it does not increase that, but it allows you to stay longer at that peak, “he explains. “But up to a limit determined by the nervous system, if that happens, it starts to get in the way.” Modafinil side effects, buy modafinil

The Other Drug of Intelligence Also very famous, Ritalin is widely used with a focus on increasing intellectual achievement and learning. The function of this remedy is the treatment of ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. But its fame was mainly due to the supposed reinforcement that gives to the Students and Business Men. Ritalin also acts on the nervous system and primarily increases the concentration of dopamine in the body, which is the neurotransmitter related to pleasure sensations. With high dopamine, concentration and yield remain at peak performance over a longer and steady state. On the other hand, it is more dangerous than modafinil. Ritalin is a substance whose use is prone to addiction. When the level of dopamine falls, the individual immediately tends to seek more and take more doses of the drug – the effect on the body, on a much smaller scale, is true, is similar to that of cocaine. In addition, it has sharper direct side effects. “On the face, it worsens sleep and takes away the appetite, and it can even raise blood pressure to worrying levels,” explains the psychiatrist.

Is Smart Drugs doping?

Modafinil side effects, buy modafinil. In official sports performance, yes. modafinil and Ritalin are two prohibited substances for professional athletes, except in case of proven pathology whose treatment depends on these drugs. Ethics committees have already debated whether “intelligence drugs” should also be controlled by competitions and college entrance exams. They would be placed on a list of prohibited substances, in the same way, that international agencies do with athletes. However, the difficulty – or even impossibility – of evaluating all competitors make the idea impractical. “In sports, Modafinil are already on the list. But in intellectual performance events are also doping. The difference is that it does not have the rule, it is an individual moral issue, “concludes Mario Louzã. Medical advice Modafinil and Ritalin are substances that can be purchased only by prescription and medical advice. In India, the drug trade is released, so it is possible to find sites that market the product online, but in an unlawful manner and without any guarantee as to the purity and quality of the substance. Physicians contraindicate any use of such drugs without specialized counseling.

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