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Is Ritalin the ‘SMART DRUG’?

The search for the internet is only increasing by a drug called Ritalin, Ritalin UK supposedly improves your mental processing capabilities, optimizes your attention focus and increases your intelligence: methylphenidate hydrochloride, or commonly known as Ritalin. Individuals close to important evidence, such as contests or vestibular, are tempted to buy this drug, without worrying about the side effects or their actual action of effectiveness. Among college students, then, their use is almost turning into a public health crisis. They only listen to heavy marketing by selling the drug as a ‘magic pill’, that style from the American film ‘In Limits’ (2011). And its consumption has grown frighteningly, between adults and adolescents.


Methylphenidate hydrochloride (with the active ingredient being methylphenidate) is a medication specifically used to treat children and adolescents suffering from Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and in the treatment of narcolepsy in adults, less recurrent. Its mechanism of action in the brain has not yet been fully elucidated, and it probably interferes with the functioning of the neural networks responsible for attention, from the inhibition of certain pathways of dopamine action. However, systematic studies do show that there is an improvement in ADHD, which is more significant in children. In adults, whose presence of the disorder is rarer, there are certain doubts of efficacy, with some studies showing small levels of efficiency. Buy Ritalin UK.

Well, ADHD is one of the most common problems that afflict children and although it has no cure, it can be enlivened with the help of treatments. With age, the disorder tends to lose a lot of strength, almost completely disappearing in adults. ADHD is characterized mainly by a high level of body activity (always running, always talking, etc.), constant practice of actions without thinking before acting and rapid loss of focus, especially in studies. These symptoms end up hampering the child’s progress in school, and social interactions with friends and family, one of the parents’ biggest concerns is whether their child has the problem. The causes of ADHD are not yet known, but genetics seems to be the most important factor. Other suspects are head trauma; environmental toxicants (such as heavy metals); alcohol/tobacco during pregnancy; premature birth; and low birth weight. Analyzing the whole background, it is easy to understand from where Ritalin UK got its fame.


Researchers then began to analyze methylphenidate for possible other uses in healthy people, with the hope that medically enhancing cognitive ability in individuals. Of course, it would not be long before these works became, in the audience, ‘Hmm … I can be smarter about it.’ Yes, and with that came the gigantic illegal marketing over the so-called ‘magic pills’. If you often scour the internet, you must have certainly come across websites, blogs, and ads selling the drug to anyone who wants to get help in the studies.

But I’m sorry to report, but we still do not have a ‘No Limits’ pill, and not even something close to what’s announced there. Current research on the subject has not yet satisfactorily proven benefits of the type, and the error of thought in this question is likely to be the same as overflying vitamins and minerals. For example, calcium is good for bones, and in the same dietary deficiency, I will have bone problems; but that does not mean that your self will take more calcium than required by my body and my bones will have super endurance. Do you understand? A child with ADHD has a biochemical failure in the brain, and Ritalin only minimizes the problem a little. If there is not the problem, the drug will possibly have no action at all. And to say that it makes you smarter is already appealing a lot considering the current scientific evidence.

And here’s another important point: even in children with ADHD, the benefits of Buy Ritalin UK are not that pronounced. In adolescents and adults, the effectiveness decreases even less. That is, even if you have a lower focus of attention, but not characterizing this disorder, the benefits will probably be negligible. People who report having a high improvement in academic performance with methylphenidate are being affected at most by either a placebo effect or by the very desire to want to study or are selling the drug (the latter is most likely).
But if all the problems ended here, I would not be criticizing anyone who takes the medicine. The money is yours. But, like all medicines, Ritalin UK has side effects, which can be very serious, especially when taken long-term and when we consider that its mechanism of action is in the brain and is unknown. Among them we can mention:

1. Abdominal pain, nausea, loss of appetite and vomiting are common early in use;

2. A headache, drowsiness/insomnia, dizziness and dyskinesia, tachycardia, palpitation, arrhythmias, changes in blood pressure and heart rate, rash, hair loss, urticaria, fever, pruritus, and tarrying are common during use;

3. It can aggravate or cause some psychiatric disorders such as depression, suicidal thoughts, hostility, anxiety, agitation, psychosis and nervous tics.

4. Like other stimulants, it is possible that drug dependence develops in users, especially if the doses are abusive. That is why it is sold as a ‘black band’.

Because of so many side effects, its use should be analyzed even in children with severe ADHD, where a detailed risk/benefit study will decide whether the use of methylphenidate compensates. And it seems contradictory: the individual wants to take the pill to increase their ability to study and absorb knowledge, but it can end up worsening their learning potential due to side effects (drowsiness, loss of appetite, malaise, etc.). And the indiscriminate use of the medicine ends up bringing inadequate doses, which only make the situation worse. You do not gain any benefit from Ritalin and may end up losing performance in studies or something even worse depending on the circumstances.

Another problem surrounding the issue is that people often confuse ‘attention deficit’ with ‘distractions’. This is all the truer when we relate the context of our current information age where we have data flurries hitting us from all sides, especially from modern smartphone devices. Most people do not have cognitive problems or lack of focus, not at a level where suspect medications need to be prescribed. What happens is that the focus is on the wrong place. Without a change in your organizational study system, even if there was a drug that significantly increased your focus of attention and learning ability, you would eventually learn more from Facebook and focus your attention on YouTube (Laughter). In addition, even in this context, many children receive medications like Ritalin just because they ‘seem’ to have ADHD. In other words, the medicine is given only to calm the child, without a good diagnosis has been made before by a professional in the area. Some children are, of course, more agitated than others, for example, without this meaning that they have the disorder. Needless to say, this is irresponsible without size.


Finally, methylphenidate can only be purchased legally with a prescription, which should be retained in the Pharmacy. Its use is specific to the two diseases mentioned above, and there is no scientific evidence that it improves the brain capacity of healthy people, either in learning or in intelligence (1). Do you give the skin a spot without a wound in it? No, is not it? So do not consume methylphenidate without having ADHD or narcolepsy. And just as point taking needs to be done ideally in a hospital, the consumption of any drug should also be followed up by a health professional.

Note: There are some other medicines with similar effects to Ritalin, also used for the treatment of ADHD. Modafinil is a well-known example among them and is in the same boat as methylphenidate in relation to illegal use. The warning is given in this text also applies to these other drugs. In UK, however, the most widespread, by far, is Ritalin UK.

(1) Some studies show beneficial cognitive gains in healthy individuals, but face several methodological failures and contestation of other works. There is no consensus on the issue and the positive effects being shown are very weak, and the evidence that they do exist is weaker, and all this without regard to the risks and benefits. Health agencies counter against using Ritalin UK and other similar medicines for use in healthy people, also stating that there is no solid scientific evidence of any safety benefit.

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