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Do we need Modafinil to stay vigilant?

Modafinil, Modafinil4uk

Some believe that Modafinil works for students and young professionals in the same way that anabolic steroids work for athletes.

Have you ever heard of Modafinil 200 mg that can increase people’s concentration, memory, and energy, making them perform better academically and professionally?

That would be the promise of Modafinil which, as you might imagine, is becoming popular among students who are preparing for public examinations, university students, and young professionals.

Turbinating the brain with Modafinil 200mg

In fact, Modafinil 20 mg is used as “intelligence pill” was not originally designed to brainwave. Research has indicated that certain substances indicated to treat some sleep problems, attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity could bring benefits to healthy people.

A study conducted by scientists at Oxford and Harvard universities has revealed, for example, that Modalert UK – a drug based on a substance called Modafinil that is indicated for people suffering from narcolepsy – favors processes such as decision-making and planning.

Other research has also indicated that modafinil, while not having a significant effect on creative processes, can make thoughts more flexible, as well as help people combine information and deal with new situations. It is best that the scientists concluded that the substance does all this without causing problems for healthy people who want to benefit from its surprising effects.

More drugs like Modafinil4uk

No one knows for sure how Modafinil really works for those who do not really need it, but scientists have discovered that one of its mechanisms of action is to stimulate the release of histamine, which in turn makes us more alert. Modalert 200 mg “works” unlike many conventional antiallergics (the antihistamines), which reduce histamine levels in the body and have the side effect of drowsiness.

But things have not stopped at narcolepsy … Studies have shown that other medications, such as Ritalin UK, Piracetam UK, and Armodafinil UK – indicated to control attention deficit disorder – also have similar effects to Stavigile, but acting differently in the brains of users. In this case, the drugs cause an increase in the levels of dopamine and noradrenaline, which are substances that help us to stay focused and vigilant.

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According to a study conducted by researchers at the Volgograd State Medical University in Russia, students who took the intelligence pills while preparing for tests performed up to 8% higher on the tests. Other research conducted with undergraduate medical students from another university pointed to a significant improvement in cognitive performance in those who had been without sleep for many hours.

On the other hand, a new study, conducted in 2014, found that the use of magic pills made students slower to make decisions. Not to mention that there is still a lack of research that indicates possible damages of the long-term use for those who take these substances without medical indication. Thus, in addition to the lack of conclusive information on the actual efficacy of the medicines by healthy people, there is a strong debate about their safety.

Controversies of Modafinil 200mg

On the one hand, some scientists assure that Modafinil 200 mg does not pose any health inconvenience, while other several researchers warn that the indiscriminate use of Modafinil may have serious consequences for users. For advocates of “intelligence pills,” the side effects are similar to what we feel when we drink too much coffee, that is, a little bit of tingling and stomach cramps.

However, several physicians and experts caution that Modafinil 200 mg should be prescribed exclusively to those who really need them, and patients should receive proper follow-up. This is because continued use of these substances can affect sleep patterns, trigger psychotic conditions, cause panic and anxiety attacks, loss of appetite and heart problems, and lead to physical and psychological dependence.

The problem is that millions of young people and adults – who do not necessarily suffer from sleep problems or ADHD – are taking these remedies to improve their cognitive performance and ignoring the risks that indiscriminate consumption can offer. Just to give you an idea, only here in Brazil has a 25% increase in sales of these drugs in the last five years, and many people are abusing them.

Another worrying issue is that while the drugs are in controlled use, there are forums and blogs on the subject – and they even teach interested parties how to get the drugs through the parallel market.

Unfair Competition taking Modafinil4uk

The debate also began to extend to the ethical question of taking the drugs for a function different from the one for which they were created. After all, if its efficacy as “turbinators” of the mind is proven by new research and clinical trials prove that its use is safe, will the intelligence pills not start a productivity war in the student and professional environment to see who presents the best performance?

Many experts who are against the use of drugs to improve cognitive performance claim that those who become more productive and pass the college entrance examination or a public competitive examination because of these substances have an advantage over others and, thus, is “stealing”.

There are even those who believe that intelligence pills work for students and young professionals just as anabolics work for athletes. In fact, a researcher at the University of Sydney has predicted that if the popularity of the substances continues to increase, it is possible that in the future students will have to undergo anti-doping tests before taking their tests.

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