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Modafinil UK: Information on effect, properties, and legality

Modafinil UK, Modvigil UK

Modafinil is a drug that is mainly used to treat narcolepsy (sleeping sickness). Its stimulating effect compensates for sleep deficits and can keep you awake for up to 24 hours.

Modafinil UK in the form of Modvigil UK

It is often compared to the miracle pill “NZT” found in the film “Limitless”, but the effect of Modafinil is only slightly compared to that of NZT.

Not only because of its stimulating effect but also because of its nootropic properties (increased attention span and improved numerical and working memory) it is used by many students, shift workers, and entrepreneurs as a brain-doping agent or party drug.

Just like the Racetam (like Piracetam UK), Eugeroika also has an originating substance (adrafinil), from which derivatives with slight differences in effect have been developed.
From Adrafini UK was u.a. the substances Modafinil UK, Armodafinil UK, CRL-40,941, and Fluorenol produced.

In UK, the stimulant is only on prescription, because it falls under the Medicines Act (AMG). In addition, it is used in sport as a “prohibited doping substance”.

It is also used in the military sector. Soldiers, pilots, and pilots are supplied with modafinil (or similar) fabrics to stay awake in extreme situations for a long time and to do their job without disturbing the ability to think.

Modafinil is sold worldwide under a variety of names as the manufacturing process is patented.
Other designations: Modafinilum, Provigil, (RS) -2- [(diphenylmethyl) sulfinyl] acetamide, Modalert, Resotyl, Modapro, Alertex, Modasomil, Stavigile, Vigia, Vigil, Modiadal, SpierX.

Key facts at a glance


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Modafinil provides a wakefulness effect without affecting other bodily functions.
Improves performance in working and number memory.
The stimulant increases the attention span.
Used by students and entrepreneurs as a brain doping tool.
Dose: 200mg 1x per day in the morning. Beginners start with 50mg.
The effect lasts between 12 and 24 hours.
Due to the development of tolerance of the body, modafinil should be used only sporadically. Maximum 3 times a week.

It works by increasing the concentration of various neurotransmitters in the brain.
In UK it is officially only available by prescription.
It originated from the drug “Adrafinil UK” developed in 1970.
The most common Modafinil side effect is a headache.

Modafinil Story

The story of Modafinil UK in 1970, with the development of the stimulant “Adrafinil”, which was developed for the treatment of narcolepsy and other sleep disorders.
It was developed by the French scientist Michel Jouvet and the company Lafon Laboratories (now known as “Cephalon”) and was considered more effective than amphetamine in its effect because it does not cause side effects such as anxiety disorders or repetitive behaviors.

Modafinil Narcolepsy

Modafinil keeps awake while learning

It turned out that adrafinil in the liver is converted to modafinil, which makes the liver very stressed. In addition, three times as much adrafinil as modafinil is needed to produce an equivalent dose.

Modafinil is the more effective drug, but a little harder to get, as some of its forms are under the patent law.

In 2008, it was released from the Narcotics Act in UK and is now subject to the medical prescription.

Modafinil Dosage & intake

Modafinil works best when used sporadically.
Tolerance of the body: The effect diminishes with frequent use, as long as the dose has not been increased.

When applied once a week, the body should not develop greater tolerance to it, and remain sensitive to the drug.

It is recommended not to take Modafinil more than 3 times a week. Also on long-term consumption, you should rather do without.

Modafinil dosage

In the beginning, 50mg is sufficient in the morning
Dose: 50-200mg 1x per day in the morning is acceptable for beginners. Since it is a powerful stimulant, it is better to start with 50mg after getting up and observe how the body behaves.
If you want to consciously suppress sleep & fatigue, taking 50-100mg every 8 hours is worth considering.

The intake takes place via the mouth. The effect occurs after about 1 hour.
It is usually sold in pill form. Some users report a stronger effect when the pill is crushed and the powder is introduced sublingually (under the tongue).
Detectability: The active substance can be detected in the body up to one month after the last ingestion.

Modafinil Effect & Benefit

Modafinil triggers a wakefulness effect that lasts between 12 and 24 hours.
It appears to suppress sleep-induced side effects without compromising cognitive ability. In addition, under normal circumstances (when there is no lack of sleep) it may increase alertness and work capacity.
By and large, it could be a better stimulant than caffeine and amphetamine. Besides, it does not use the same receptors (in the brain) as the amphetamines.

Enhanced memory through Modafinil?

Modafinil improves performance in some cognitive areas, e.g. in working memory, long-term memory, thinking ability, and other processes in the prefrontal cortex.
Some studies have reported slower reaction times in tasks where executive functions are tested.
Note: Powerful individuals seem to benefit less from the cognitive effect than underperformers.
Modafinil effect on the state of mind is not very clear, but some users report a higher mood after taking.

It could also be used for depression. In one study, one group was given the antidepressant fluoxetine in conjunction with modafinil. Improvements in the symptoms could be observed compared to the placebo group.

Modafinil decrease

Research indicates that modafinil slows down the appetite and may help you lose weight.

Modafinil operation

two heads with effect
The mechanism of action of modafinil is not fully understood.
It is believed to increase the concentration of various neurotransmitters in the brain.

Modafinil histamine

After administration of modafinil, increased histamine levels were observed in the hypothalamus (brain region). – It is believed that this process is partly responsible for the wakefulness effect.
Dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin
Modafinil raises the dopamine concentration in the nucleus accumbens (part of the brain) and striatum (ten of the cerebrum). (14)
Noradrenaline (15) and serotonin levels (16) are also increased.
Modafinil orexin
The wakefulness is mainly produced by the activation of orexin-1 and orexin-2 receptors.
Orexin influences vigility and regulates the energy balance in the central nervous system (CNS). The hormone-like peptide acts on sleep-wake behavior; It is believed that a mutation in the gene that causes sleeping sickness narcolepsy. (17) (18)

Modafinil Chemical structure Modafinil

Chemical Structure & Synthesis
Synthesis of Modafinil: Benzhydrol converts chloroacetic acid and thiourea to 2- (diphenylmethylthio) acetic acid, which is converted to acid amide via acid chloride.
The target compound results from the subsequent oxidation with hydrogen peroxide.

Risks, side effects & toxicity of Modafinil

Most common Modafinil side effect: a headache
Modafinil UK is very safe compared to Adrafinil UK. The chance of side effects such as abdominal pain, skin irritation, anxiety, and liver damage (with chronic ingestion) is very low.
As long as the dosage is not exaggerated, and reasonable amounts are taken, no side effects should occur; However, these are not completely ruled out.

In clinical trials, patients reported the following (unwanted) side effects:

a headache
weight loss
The decrease in the feeling of hunger
Accelerated pulse
skin rash
Dry mouth
skin rash
Suicidal thoughts
In very rare cases, life-threatening allergies can occur.

Modafinil interactions

Modafinil can reduce the effects of some medications by speeding their breakdown. These include: itraconazole, ciclosporin, temazepam, amitriptyline, erythromycin.
If blood-thinning agents such as aspirin or warfarin are taken, you should regularly check your blood clotting.
The effect of modafinil could be mitigated by birth control pills.

Modafinil pregnancy

Modafinil Side Effects
Modafinil should not be taken during pregnancy. There is no research on the use during lactation, also here the intake is not recommended.

Modafinil Toxicity & lethal dose

In rats, an average lethal dose of 1250 mg/kg was found.
In one study, human participants were given daily doses of up to 1250 mg and single maximum doses of up to 4500 mg.
There was no life-threatening effect.
Observable side effects included: anxiety disorders, confusion, diarrhea, aggression, palpitations, sleep disorders, and nightmares.

There are no fatal overdoses known with modafinil; The lethal dose (when taken orally) in humans is uncertain, but it is considered to be higher than that of caffeine.

It is reported a suicide attempt with 4500 mg, where the patient survived without long-term impairments; Temporary side effects were nervousness, nightmares, and nausea.

Legality In UK only for prescription our buying on our

In UK, the drug falls under the normal prescription and can only be prescribed by a doctor.

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