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Modafinil Modalert is a new generation stimulant!

Miracles in the world of pharmacology happen every day, and every new discovery is seen as a miracle. The most popular developments of pharmacologists are aimed at combating depression and increasing sexual energy, allowing you to enjoy the hurricane of emotions again and again. Prozac and Viagra are already being taken daily by many people abroad, and gradually conquer the whole world. A new tool that claims world influence is modafinil. With its help, you can stay awake for more than 40 hours in a row, while still maintaining high activity, good mood, and perfect attendance. Modafinil, Modalert

Modafinil improves memory, enhances overall perception, response and cognitive abilities. It has a softer effect, in contrast to amphetamines, allowing you to stay awake for a long time and easily fall asleep after the action of the drug has ended.

In the US, modafinil is sold in pharmacies under the names “Provigil”, “Alertec” and “Modalert.” It is on the list of officially approved drugs. It is prescribed for patients suffering from narcolepsy, drowsiness and sleep disorders, dyspnea and a sharp decrease in the frequency and depth of breathing. Modafinil, Modalert

It is not surprising that the drug, allowing you to stay awake for more than 40 hours, completely retaining physical and mental strength, and without the effects of a “hangover” quickly gained popularity throughout the world and gained the glory of time-shifting medication. It also has no side effects common to other psychostimulants (cocaine, caffeine, amphetamine), such as, for example, hand trembling.

In the modern pace of life, stimulants become relevant for all people: students, workaholics and just lovers of nightlife.

Without the use of stimulants, the high rate of life can not be maintained. This is evidenced by the research of Australian scientists. In the course of the experiments, it was found that 17 hours of continuous driving or taking alcohol greatly reduced a person’s mental ability, reaction and even the ability to make a sound judgment. 24 hours without sleep reduce all mental abilities of a person in half. Modafinil, Modalert

Modafinil allows you to stay afloat much longer. Not surprisingly, he likes the American military. Long-term hostilities require the full mobilization of all soldiers. Moreover, in military practice it is considered a routine for a few weeks to sleep just a couple of hours a day. For many years, American scientists have been looking for a way to keep the spirit of the soldiers alive, while avoiding side effects: such as a drop in mental abilities after the end of the drug.

A medicine that can improve a soldier’s mental capabilities in half, increases the efficiency of the entire platoon many times. Modafinil allowed conducting effective combat operations for as long as necessary, as long as the weather permits.

However, modafinil won recognition not only among the military. In the advanced population of America, modafinil becomes a substitute for coffee. This is natural because twenty years ago it was the caffeine used to mobilize the US Army. Caffeine gained fame and eventually came into use, and doses all grew and grew. If twenty years ago the average American took 70 mg of caffeine a day, then today it is considered the norm to take 300 mg. Modafinil, Modalert

Most of all caffeine is contained in coffee, so coffee and enjoys great popularity in the world. By the way, the world coffee turnover is estimated at more than 70 billion dollars a year. Caffeine is also found in tea, cola, energy drinks and even in chocolate. In the 1970s, the average American drank more than 36 gallons of coffee and 23 gallons of soda with caffeine a year. To date, coffee consumption has dropped to 17 gallons per year, but the soda has gained momentum – more than 53 gallons.

However, caffeine quickly develops tolerance and those positive effects that were observed at the beginning of the reception gradually go to zero, and a person needs coffee just to get back to normal. Modafinil does not have such effects and is suitable for long-term use with minimal health consequences.

Today, the representatives of many professions that require long wakefulness take the modafinil: the army, special forces, doctors, ambulance officers, police, and firemen. Modafinil is also popular among taxi drivers, truck drivers and even programmers. Modafinil, Modalert

Professional athletes also often become the target segment of manufacturers of modafinil. The drug can not be found on any doping test. From informal sources, several cases of use of modafinil by professional athletes are known. In addition, in the US, modafinil has become one of the most popular club drugs, allowing you to dance from evening until the morning, then come home, calmly go to bed and wake up, without feeling any post effects.

What kind of party! Pilots of American stealth F-117A successfully took modafinil and flew at high speeds for 18.5 hours continuously! Such results simply amazed the imagination of scientists and command. Until now, this result is considered a world record, and modafinil allowed it to be realized. In addition, the pilots showed and improved combat capabilities: faster decisions, and demonstrated literally the surgical accuracy in shooting. These soldiers on these machines took part in the Iraq operation “Desert Storm”.

Modafinil, Modalert

During the test, pilots received a dose of modafinil every 5 hours. They were connected by special sensors to computers, which transmitted to scientists various indicators of their activity. Pilots were tested not only in training missions. Their ability to solve mathematical equations and plan military operations were also evaluated. The motion of the pupil and the change in its size were studied. The scientists noted that during the first 25 hours the abilities of the subjects increased greatly, then stability was maintained, from 33rd to 38th there was a slight decrease, but the decrease did not return the pilots to the normal level. In general, the results showed an increase in the combat effectiveness of pilots by 60-100%. Modafinil, Modalert

Today modafinil is available in 20 countries under the brand Provigil. Among them: the USA, South Korea, England, Luxembourg, Ireland, and Italy. In other countries, modafinil is sold, like Modalert, Modafresh, Modvigil, Vilafinil, and Modawake.

It is included in the list of US medicines No. IV. Preparations of this list have less negative consequences than, for example, drugs lists III and II. For example, among the drugs of list IV, there is Xanax, list III – Codeine, list II – morphine and methadone.

In UK, modafinil does not have any status at all. Modafinil is not registered in any of the lists of medicines, so you can easily buy it from an online store without worrying about your own safety. In the US, the distribution of modafinil is regulated by legislation: it is dispensed by prescription. Modafinil is unacceptable for children, and among adults who need to stay on their feet for a long time, it has gained immense popularity. Modafinil, Modalert

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