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Longer working on the brain doping Modafinil UK

Work through a night to meet a deadline at work. By taking a pill called Modafinil you can still be alert for hours and continue working without difficulty. Is taking the so-called “brain doping” wise? Modafinil is intended for people who suffer from extreme sleepiness during the day. Modafinil UK, Modafinil Side effects

What are the consequences if you take Modafinil UK to work through the night after a day’s work?

The medication Modafinil UK

If you are completely tired and want to continue working for a while, this means will ensure that you become alert again and feel awake. Modafinil is a medicine intended for the treatment of extreme sleepiness during the day related to the sleep disorder narcolepsy. Modafinil was introduced to the market in 1988 as a narcolepsy medicine. It is also known as Modalert UK or Modvigil UK. It is also used by healthy people who want to improve their performance. It is then a “cognitive amplifier”. They perform better at that moment than their tired colleagues who do not use the drug. After taking Modafinil the fatigue in your brain will disappear, the rest of the body will be fatigued like for example your muscles. Modafinil UK, Modafinil Side effects

Available on prescription

In the UK, Modafinil is only available on prescription for narcolepsy patients. People suffering from narcolepsy have a disordered sleep/wake pattern. Narcolepsy is also called sleeping sickness. Someone with this condition may have seizures of uncontrollable sleep during the day. Sleep is often interrupted at night, which makes the person sleepy during the day. Some GPs prescribe beta-blockers to patients as a means of stress. You can think of students who have an exam fear at secondary schools. In the period of the final exams, in the month of May, there is an increase in demand for a cure for stress. The drug Modafinil also ensures that the brain is stimulated. Testing with subjects in research in the United Kingdom shows that people who use the drug perform better in memory tasks than people who have not used it. Modafinil UK, Modafinil Side effects

The influence on brain functions Taking Modafinil UK

In science, it is suspected that Modafinil has an effect not only on the production of dopamine but also on the neurotransmitters norepinephrine and serotonin. Dopamine plays a role in experiencing pleasure, happiness, and well-being. The effect of Modafinil is mainly explained by dopamine which causes increased alertness. A pill of this drug will last for about six to seven hours. It starts to work one hour after taking it.

Modafinil Side effects

A few hours after taking Modafinil UK you get used to the substance so you think it has been worked out. Modafinil UK is still working. If you take another pill before the previous one has been worked out there may be Modafinil side effects such as muscle pain. One of the most annoying side effects in the short term is insomnia. In addition, there may be attacks of nervousness, agitation, and tendency to aggressiveness. If you use this medicine in the long term, an even more dangerous side effect can occur addiction. The production of dopamine by this medication works on the reward system of the brain. With prolonged use, your brain becomes less sensitive to the substance, which means that you need an increasingly higher dose for the same Modafinil effect. If you stop using the drug, withdrawal symptoms occur. Modafinil UK, Modafinil Side effects


It is certain that by taking a pill you are alert and can continue working for hours. As a result, you could, for example, just meet that deadline if you work through a night. The Modafinil side effects seem limited. Yet there is a chance of addiction or unpleasant Modafinil side effects. The question is whether these risks are worth it. This can best be determined by the person taking Modafinil UK. In short, there is a prohibited list of prohibited substances. In business, it is not forbidden to use a cognitive amplifier. Most people will stick to a cup of coffee to be alert. Modafinil UK, Modafinil Side effects.

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